Mass management

Some loads are easy to place safely, some are not… Viraaz Logistics staff are experts in managing mass on board.

Load restraint

Keeping your load safely in place onboard needs cutting-edge equipment & top shelf haulage skills.

Fatigue management

Tiredness behind the wheel is a killer, so Viraaz Logistics is committed to leading-edge fatigue management.

Speed management

Our commitment to engaging good people & the latest tech makes sure every single truck travels at the right speed.

Manual handling

Making sure our team are on top of the latest, safest ways to handle heavy & awkward items is a big thing at Viraaz Logistics.

Dangerous goods transport

If your dangerous goods are Class C or below, Viraaz Logistics has the right expertise & the right vehicles for the job.

Drug & alcohol policy

Viraaz Logistics is dedicated to staying at the forefront of drug & alcohol best-practice testing, ensuring airtight health & safety.

Vehicle maintenance

A trucking company is only as good as the vehicles it has on the road, so we’re serious about maintenance.

Safe driving practice

No Viraaz Logistics driver gets behind the wheel without undergoing stringent safe driving training, with regular refreshers.